Nature – Central Park

It’s hard to believe that in the middle of New York, you can find a quiet spot and nature , but , Central Park is that place . I don’t think many people can imagine exactly how large the park is until your there .

Me personally, spend most of my time at the Bethesda fountain area down to the zoo area , there’s still some areas of the park I haven’t been at the northern end . I’ve also been told that’s a bit more of a bad area of the park as far as crimes go . It also seems that most tourist don’t go to the northern end , you’ll find everyone from about 59th to 72nd Street . If you are ever in the city and decide to travel to the park , I’ve found the NRW subway to 59th and 5th as the best stop . Or plenty of trains will take you to the Columbus circle stop , that’s always very busy in that area , so I prefer the lesser chaos . But , anyways . I was in the park on Memorial Day , and didn’t quite have the lenses with me that I would’ve liked to have had to photo the egret with , but , here some photos I got in Central Park anyways .

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