Rockaway beach

Well on Friday I had my first visit to Rockaway beach in NYC to do a photoshoot with Kendall , a 12 yr old dancer in NYC . With this being the beginning of Memorial Day weekend here, I was really worried about getting there and getting home , so a part of me was dreading this shoot .

But the complete opposite happened . It was a great trip there , took a ferry from Wall st. Directly there . About a 50 minute ride and at a cost of $2.75 a ticket , I’ve concluded this is the best deal in NYC . Here’s a few photos I had taken on the ferry .

After the trip on the ferry , we arrived in Rockaway for the photo shoot . Kendall is a 12 year dancer , dancing at magnolia dance academy and been doing gymnastics and or dance since she was 3 yrs old .

After we finished this shoot it was time for the ferry ride back to Manhattan , and I don’t think anyone could’ve planned this any better .. here’s my view on the trip back .

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