Playing with swords

Just the other day , I did a photo shoot with Akane , a contemporary dancer from Japan . So decided to bring an authentic Japanese sword for this shoot and see what we could do .

Though Akane claimed she never touched a real sword before , she certainly looked comfortable. This shoot was a bright sunny day in New York City , and about 90f / 32c . Personally in my photography , I don’t use reflectors or flash . I personally love natural light and think that shadows are a part of photos . I prefer that my photos look a little darker as opposed to photos for magazines or fashion type photography where you usually won’t find much shadowing .. I have had people tell me in the past that I should include flash when capturing dancers to make them “pop” but , truth is , we all have our styles . I also believe that just because someone prefers to photo with lights etc it doesn’t mean it’s for everyone . There should never be rules in art , if that were so it would be pretty boring with everything looking the same. Anyways .. a few photos.

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