Well I learned today a few things , tollywood is another movie style from India and also that if you take photos of celebrities your photos will be stolen . Now , I posted some photos of 2 Indian film stars Nidhhi Agerwal and Naga Chaitanya on Instagram (Street_views) that I had taken as they were in Central Park filming . I knew the photos would be screen shot and reposted so I only posted to , with directions on how to get to see more and purchase some photos for their use . Well , rather then paying the 1.99 price for a photo without the large water marks across the picture , they just stole it as is . As you can see below the photos with the large watermarks . Twitter and instagram this is just a small sample . But , I’ll post a couple of the photos below that I took . You can visit my Photo page to see more .


Written by steveedreff

Steve Edreff is a photographer who is currently located in New Jersey and normally works out of New York City. Currently Steve has holds New York City Media pass as well as being a contributor to Getty Images and Istock. With the media pass Steve has been a photographer on hand for most parades and media events throughout NYC. The his preference is doing photoshoots with different style dancers , he also has photoed at New York Cities fashion week , photoshoots with Mrs. New Jersey, New York, Vermont , and Pennsylvania. Along with the photography , he has created an independent magazine "Street Views" that includes dancers and traditional style photography.


  1. In this part of the world (Asia) stealing photos or anything else is commonplace. Everyone has, but few pay for Microsoft Office. One can get it free just about everywhere. For all the languages of Rosetta Stone, it may cost $2.50. Yes, that’s two dollars and fifty cents.

    It’s easy to get just about any program for free or next to nothing.

    Photos or articles from the internet. People steal them all the time. I had been translating Vietnamese articles into English for more years than I care to admit. They used to regularly show up on Google News, Bing News and Yahoo News and 25 other Vietnamese newspapers. Always with someone else’s name on it.

    Fortunately, I stopped doing that. There really is no concept of intellectual property rights in this part of the world. News organizations and people regularly copy anything on the internet for free.

    1. Yea , I knew I was taking the risk posting them , but at this extent , I never expected that . I actually put a big blue line through the center of the photo and lowered price to .99 for digital copy . This women has 1.5 million followers on Instagram and thought for sure I would get at least 1 honest person . 1% would have been nice šŸ˜‚ . But to put it in perspective I had 14,000 visitors to that page and not one person would pay .99 . I remember when I was young , if I had someone I envied or whatever I would buy every magazine the were in . So really Iā€™m having a hard time grasping this. In the end I just removed my photos from Instagram (Street_views) if you use ig šŸ™‚ and Twitter . It was to distracting from what I really enjoy doing , dancer photography and steered away from what I am about .

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