Well here it is finally ! The warm weather has made it to New Jersey! It’s only about a month late , but I also was wearing shorts up until November , so I guess it’s all the same . It just felt long this year . But , I did manage to get out and get a couple shoots in on 90f (32c) of 2 dancers . One of the being 8 yrs old and the other 19 . So it’s a little change of pace . If you may know already I’m leaning toward doing dancers as my thing rather then just normal photo shoots , and now I’m steering it toward the younger dancers . The reason being this , this day and age , the 20 something’s want everything for free . Free photoshoots included and unfortunately in this area , if you don’t do it for free someone else will and the majority of these ” models” only want Instagram photos to be insta-famous . They are not real models in the industry . But, young dancers like Gabriella ( who you will see today ) have parent or parents who know what business is and they also know that you pay for photoshoots . Some of you may say to me ” if you want money , do wedding photography and things like that “. And the answer is : I want to do what I love . For me it’s not about making gobs of money . It’s about doing photography the way I want to do it and enjoy it and I enjoy shooting dancers . If I was to do weddings for example , I would not be happy and then it becomes a job , stress , etc . So in the end , my goal is to do it my way and be comfortable. If your interested to see more photos , you can find me on Instagram @street_views . I’m also in the process of doing a line of dance t- Shirt s .

As well as anyone is free to check out and purchase my photos for there blogs or wherever they want to use them . Steve Edreff photography ( it’s a site in progress ) I will be posting fashion shows as well for all of you Fashion bloggers .

Anyways .. enough said : onto a few photos from the past week .

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