As a photographer , it’s probably the worst word your going to hear . I hear it over and over , ” Hey let’s collab” , “wanna collaborate” if your not familiar with this word , it means someone wants a free shoot .

It’s a persons way of asking to work together freely , I’m sure it works both ways , but , I’ve concluded that the model has more to benefit from a shoot then the photographer. Considering if I was to do a model shoot , she can use the photos for her comp card , portfolio etc to get paid work in modeling and the photographer just fills up more space on their computer with photos that they have no use for in reality .

Of course I’m speaking for myself , there are shoots I will collaborate on , dancers , traditional style or something for my magazine . Otherwise , I think if the photographers going to take time from his day to do something for someone , they should be compensated. Unfortunately in this area , so many will do free shoots , models don’t really need to pay .

Anyways , it’s just my little rant of the day , just to keep my wordpress alive .

I have released my 2nd magazine featuring some dancers in the area . Street Views as well as a website where photos can be purchased , if anyone needs digital photos for their blog or anything , feel free to visit . Steve Edreff Photography

I have been teaching myself with photoshop during these slow cold days . Here’s a few photos with edits and without .

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