New year .. continuing

Happy New Year and a quick update as to what’s happening or not happening .

How or where to begin , I guess when you take a little break here , you kind of lose the flow . So not really sure where to go with this post .

December was really a very bad / boring month for Photography for me personally . I did about 3-4 shoots , no parades , no protest , and not much going out photoing as the weather hasn’t been very friendly .

I was able to complete a make shift studio at my home and completed one shoot in my studio as well as working in another studio . Personally I really didn’t enjoy doing studio shoots , if you don’t have props or plans it really is a bit boring trying to come up with something . But , what the studio shoots did do was allow me to get into photoshop editing making something out of nothing . So , at least I’ve accomplished something in the past month , learning photoshop . Previously I could basically just to face touch up , but, getting more into adding backgrounds etc .

One of my edits was below , this was a thrown together Shoot as the model didn’t make it , so I shot my make up artist . And below is the edited version .

The model for that Shoot was going to be an Indian style make up as she is part Native American . Below is the rescheduled Shoot I did with her in my studio and the edit.

Below was a shoot I had scheduled with a dancer / Model who was only in town for a week , so we had to find a place out of the cold since we couldn’t reschedule . I was able to find a quiet subway station , but I did not have lighting to make it a decent shoot , so I left that Shoot feeling very discouraged . A shoot where we had to go into a subway station because of the weather outside . I was not very happy with the results of this Shoot as my flash and lack of lighting wasn’t doing the trick .

Well if your still here , I will say that I have about 5-6 shoots on hold due to this terrible cold spell . But, I will do my best to post more frequently

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