I wonder ..

Just the other day I was going through some peoples photos who I am acquainted with as photographers , and the theme I see from many of the male photographers is this . Let’s so how much of the clothing we can get off of the model or is it the models desire to shoot nude photos .

Well many of the males out there may think I’m a bit strange when I say that , I have never thought about it in any of my shoots . Why do I need someone to take off their clothes ? Does it make the photo better ? Honestly , in many of the cases I see , no it doesn’t or it wasn’t necessary. But , it’s just a matter of opinion for me . Now don’t get me wrong , I’ve seen some beautiful photos where the models are undressed but the shadows really hide things , but it’s nicely done and artistic , but for a woman to stand in front of a camera naked , just does nothing for me . It’s s difference of art and porn .

But , when I see the people I know doing this , it makes me wonder . Who’s choice was it ? Does the model think they need to do this to progress their careers ? Does the photographer think he’s more of a man or a notch in his belt ? I’m not sure the question can be answered in my mind , or maybe I think to much . I know , porn sells . But personally I’m not going to sell it or create it . I recently saw a photo of a ballet dancer posing in nude and I thought to myself , does this nudity make this photo better or is it necessary? And where can you post a nude photo that you don’t have to censor it ?

Well as I wrap this little post up , I will say that , whether you models are aware of it or not , some of the people I have known show off the photos as if it’s some trophy and a little warning , when you do the shoot and sign the model release or not , those photos still belong to the photographer to do what he wants with them , so be careful not to place yourself in a compromising position .

Maybe someone could shed some light on this , I may be doing interviews with models and photographers in my upcoming magazine covering this subject or the subject of the sexual harassment by photographers to many models .

On a lighter side , I was asked by a hair stylist and make up artist to do some photos for them of one of their clients . Here’s the results .

And it’s another country to my 100 people / 100 countries. This is the 37th “country ” I have photoed a person from . Kazakhstan.

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