Well , as many you may know , it wasn’t a day for celebrating in nyc . There was the crazy man / terrorist who killed 8 people on this day . But, the parade still carried on . But , before I get to the parade and photos , I really understand the fact that you continue to carry on even after tragedy but , I have to say , I’m not sure how I felt about mayor De Blasio leading the parade and waving to the crowd as nothing had happened 3-4 hours after the attack . For myself , I was actually on my way to the World Trade Center area as the attack happened and arrived about an hour after , but , had I not heard it on the news on my way , you would never have known what was going on outside .

Ok , to the parade , it was my first Halloween parade but about my 8th parade photoing this year and though I was for the first time photoing outside the parade rather then in the street with the parade it was still a entertaining parade to see . Everyone was happy and seemed to enjoy it and besides the people behind me trying to steal my spot I had a good time . 
And here’s some photos :


Written by steveedreff

Updated: about me .

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