Well , it’s been a few days since I posted , mainly because I hadn’t been out shooting in the past week which was due to a combination of things . 

1. The baseball playoffs ( which is over for my team ) 

2. I have stopped reaching out to people to shoot , ( I feel if I am asking then it’s a free shoot , if they come to me then I can charge . Unfortunately, most people just want free shots for Instagram , so I’m looking for a new audience as well ) 

3. Started working on 2 magazine projects ( 1 alone and the other with a partner ) 

4. Ummm I don’t think there is a 4 .

So on to the latest shoot . Well if you have been following me , you may have noticed that I have been leaning toward more dancer / artist type shoots and so this recent shoot continues that trend as I’m hoping to steer m photography into that direction . 

 The shoot I did was with Cassie , she has been here more then once . We did a shoot in Brooklyn as well as her being involved in the light painting photography , one of our models . This time we decided to go with liberty state park which saved us both a trip into NYC . The unfortunate thing is that , well it started to rain and we had to wrap it up not long after we started . 

Cassie is a ballet dancer and teaches dance as well .


Written by steveedreff

Updated: about me .

One comment

  1. Like the new locations. Enjoyed the train. Does Cassie have comments about the difference between dancing in the studio/stage vs. outdoors?

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