Hiroko and Chris 

Well , finished up the week with a shoot with Hiroko and Chris . It originally began as a shoot with just Hiroko , but , when she asked to bring a partner , I jumped at the chance and idea of doing this shoot . 

Hiroko and I began the shoot a little earlier doing some solo shots , until Chris joined us . 

For me personally , dancing shoots/ body movement are becoming my favorites. It’s really just beautiful to watch these people at whether it’s yoga , ballet , tap dancing etc . And it also makes my work easier , I just photo and let them to what they do as opposed to a model shoot where they are looking to you for directions . Not to say , I don’t enjoy that , because I do love photoshoots . This is sometimes a break from that .

Overall, I enjoy any type of photoshoot where it’s me and a he models creating something . 

So , this shoot was in Brooklyn . My camera is always the canon 7D mark II . For this shoot I used my 50mm f1.8 . I wanted to use my 18-135 a little more , but the fact that I was trying to stay in the shadows . That aperture wouldn’t have brightened it enough without slowing down the shutter . When I’m doing movement shots I try my best to keep shutter at 1250 or higher not to blur the movements . 


    1. It was great !! The shoot of my dreams . I’m loving the shoots with 2 people , the twins and now Hiroko and Chris . I will be shooting him alone next week though .. looking forward to that .

  1. The photo with the arc is just bombastic, lines, frame,emotions everything is just perfect!:)
    All of the photos are grat but this one is defenitely my top fav^^

    1. Besides the twins , it was my first experience with 2 subjects and my first real male subject . So I’m happy with the results , I’m hoping to do more of these though , dancers are just beautiful to photo . And , easy to work with you just need a camera , they do the rest 😂 ( I am shooting Chris tomorrow solo )

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