I had recently met Valentina about a week or so ago as I was doing the Jing and Ying photoshoot . After talking to Tina and learning she was from Nigeria , I asked if she’s interested in possibly doing a traditional shoot some day and here we were in Central Park . 
I’m not sure how personal I should be about the events in Valentina’s life that have brought her to the United States . But , unfortunately, Valentina had lost her grandmother and both parents and was adopted and moved to New York City . She’s 21 now and been in the country for about 7yrs , and studying to be an actress . 

The shoot was a lot of fun , as one of my favorite types of shoots is the traditional shoot . So we began the shoot in a quiet area just doing some shots peacefully , as we moved to a section of the park where a few of my friends were , the small shoot became almost paparazzi as my friends and other people in the park began shooting her as well , I’m sure she felt like a star . 

Some of my shots from the day . (Nigeria is now the 30th country of the 100 people from 100 countries project I am working on )


  1. Exotic and beautiful woman! The shot with the close up (that is also your fav if I understood it right) is amazing! I think you should do your own photo exhibition. I mean you have so much dancers and gymnasts photos that can be a theme, or your 100 people portraits also can be a theme.

    1. She turned out to be very beautiful Model . I don’t think she realizes what she could do . I honestly didn’t see it till I pointed the camera at her , it was just meant to be a Nigerian Shoot . Next week we are doing again with a make up artist to do some tribal type designs . I am so excited .

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