This paragraph was actually the end of my post , but , wanted it to be seen so moved it up top . 

I’m not sure how many people reading this will participate, but , I’m always curious whose visiting . So if your reading this , in the comment section , just say ” hello , I’m from ….. ” I really hope people will participate . These are the visitors this week , so give your country a shout out ! 

I’ll start : Hello , I’m Steve , from New Jersey , USA ! 

I’m feeling a little bored today , but if you’ve followed my wordpress you would see I have been working on a 100 people 100 countries . (That is photos of 100 people who are from or originally from a country outside the USA. ) what I qualify is :

1. They are posing for my camera with a flag or during photoshoot . 

2. They are personally born outside USA , not 3rd -4th generations . 

So on Monday I was able to get my 30th country . Nigeria . This is Valentina , she is a Nigerian whose been in the country about 6yrs . We have actually set up a traditional shoot for next week . Which is another project I’m working on . Shooting people in traditional clothing .  

Sorry for the little blur photo , tried shooting in NYC subway with bad lighting and rushing as our train was coming 😦 

That’s also my list of completed countries . 


Written by steveedreff

Updated: about me .


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