Well as Fashion week comes to a close , I was able to get to 2 shows on the final “main” day . I’m sure there is still shows going on here and there , but , in general I believe yesterday was the close . 

So , 1st , on the day was the Eva Longoria show . In general , I thought the show was ok . I’m not a big fashion person , so probably not the best judge . But, I thought the models seemed a bit rushed and after the show, Eva barely popped her head out to wave and then disappeared. That was what really disappointed me . She jumped out waved and then back , not even long enough to get a clean shot and so quick I have 1 blurred photo . 

In general the show was organized , being a private invite , it wasn’t over loaded with photographers and people . I do like the casual designs of her line . 

From the Eva show . 

This photo large to show the classy walk by this model , she lost her shoe and did not miss a beat in her walk , continuing the walk as if she had the heel on .. and received a well deserved round of applause . 


Written by steveedreff

Updated: about me .

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