Dancing with myself 

Today’s post is more of a note to myself , as sometimes I feel the struggles within myself of where I want to go with this . I feel like I’m becoming a jack of all trades , master of none with my photography . So where do I go with it . I think my biggest problem is figuring out how to break in to what I want to do . I am determined to do photography and do it my way . It’s not about making money , it’s about doing what I love and doing it the way I want . 

I could be a wedding photographer, make good money blah blah blah . But then it becomes a job . So I’m back to where I started not being happy not chasing my dream . 

With that , most of my friends , are fashion photographers . I’m sort of exploring that , as I will be doing some work at New York’s Fashion week . But , deep down inside , I’m not feeling it . Standing in a pit with 100’s of photographers shooting the same person at the same time . Not very creative . My ultimate goal is really that photography allows me to travel and do this . 

My fascination is to travel to other countries and photo people living traditionally . To go to India , Cambodia , Romania etc and go into the villages and photo the real life . But how ? How to get paid to travel ? 

Well , now that I detoured from my original topic .. what type of photography I want to do . Weddings ? No . Senior pictures ? No . Pets ? No . Family portraits ? No. 

I really enjoy a few types of photography . Photo shoots , it allows some type of creativity . 

Concert photography:

My shots from Santana concert and Black Sabbath. 

And photoing dancers . 

I do also love the challenge and patience it takes to photo nature , (animals in the wild ) 

So that’s my dilemma , what will get me to my ultimate goal of traveling with photography . 

Concert photography isn’t easy , you need some connection with someone who can get you in with your camera . ( magazine etc) 

Nature photography ? Probably not . It’s a log jammed field of some great photographers . 

Photo shoots and dancers actually may be the way to go . It’s just a matter of shooting the right people , the people who are connected or going somewhere in their field . I’ve recently shot Indian girl that has connections in India . A Japanese dancer , etc . It’s these people who will recommend me to the next person until the day I’m traveling to shoot . 


    1. Would be nice . With Black Sabbath I got backstage and was in first row . It was about the 3rd or 4th song that one of Ozzie guys noticed my camera and took it . I was cool enough to sneak my card out of camera as I they were trying to get the camera.

  1. Volunteer abroad to do something (that will take care of room & board), and then take pictures during your free time. Is that crazy? Probably.

      1. I have many places to stay abroad , friends around the world . It’s more about the flights . But I did think to do something like . I’m coming to Paris , book a shoot . And see what that gets me . Couple shoots pays for the trip 😂

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