Photo editing 

Well , photo editing isn’t something that I do very often . Most of the photos you see on my page are usually edited with a simple app “snapseed” and it’s usually just lightening or darken . Sometimes I’ll throw in a twist of black and white, and with the models I’ll clean up the faces . 

I know it’s all a matter of taste , but , I’ve seen many people who in my opinion take nice photos and then ruin them by adding hdr or whatever. 


I’m not sure how or why people think this adds to the photo , but again just a matter of opinion I guess . I try to photo by the rule , get it right in the camera . Now don’t get me wrong , I have used some filters , but , to me it’s how the photo feels that would cause me to do that . 

But , that being said , I have been working on a couple of photoshop projects recently . 

Truthfully this post may be a little pointless , it’s just a rant about my feeling of how I see people sometimes ruin a good photo by over edited photos . Again I will say it’s just a matter of opinion as I see some of the comments on those type of photos as if they are the greatest shots . So I’m done with moaning for the day . 

In reality I had intended to talk more about my editing , but , just feeling a bit tired today . I will say that the first photo edit is 3 of my photos pieced together and the 2nd is 2 of my photos . And with that I need a nap . Hahah good day 


  1. Well, there is nothing wrong with photo editing, but of course when it’s too much it mostly look bad. I always try to find “the middle” in order to make a decent photo…)
    You have a nice project, I like the one with climbing wall:)

    1. Yea , editing is fine in moderation , I think . But , just me personally I like to create that photo in the camera . We all have a different canvas to use to create art . I use the camera others use the computer . 🙂 it’s personal choices .

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