Back to people – Caroline 

You can call her Caroline , Carolyn but do not call her Carol . Caroline and I met last week through Instagram when she posted ” who wants to shoot ” . We had followed each other for a few weeks before this , but this post of hers was basically our meeting . 

After some discussion of what type of shoot we should do , we decided to meet in Brooklyn and go from . 

A side note that has nothing to do with Caroline , but since it’s on my mind . I was asked by a model about a theme or look I would have in mind if we did a shoot . I was a bit indecisive because a couple things go through my head . First , I just want to shoot and build my portfolio . Second , I want the shoot to match the personality of the model , if it’s a first meeting (shoot) I’m not always sure what is best at that time . And thirdly , the photos belong to me and the model , I think they should want what is best for them . I want the photos to be the person at their best and for them to want the photos . If I did it selfishly to what I want then , it may not turn out to be a good shoot . 

Back to Caroline , so we just kind of decided an impromptu shoot in Brooklyn . Let’s see how it works out and go from there for future shoots . Well , less then 24 hours after our shoot we are setting up number 2 , so it went well . It’s the way photo shoots should be in my mind . We got good shots and had a good time . 

Getting to know Caroline 

Caroline is 24 and is a New Yorker , her parents both from China . 

I asked Her to describe herself , so these are her words not mine : I am super weird and awkward but I like that about myself. If we were all normal, we would be no different from robots. 

The next question was , what made you decide this career ( modeling, in this case ) : I have always wanted to do acting, singing and modeling but it was never something I thought I would even be successful in until someone asked me if I wanted to shoot with them. 

Asked what her long term goals were : I don’t really have any long term goals, I like to live everyday not regretting what I did. I want to always wake up everyday looking forward to the next day. So I guess my long term goal is to make sure I tried everything I have always wanted to, that way I won’t regret not doing them 🙂

And just to finish up . I was happy with the shoot , I really enjoyed working with Caroline and look forward to future shoots . You have to understand , I love doing photo shoots , so it isn’t come in do some poses and go . I’m very talkative and just having fun . I think it’s all about everyone being comfortable. 

” Do what you love , and you will , love what you do ” 


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