As some may be aware , I have a personal project of doing photo shoots of people wearing their traditional clothing , whether , cultural or religious . It’s not an easy project , but , I think the challenge is what makes it the most rewarding to accomplish. A few issues is that , many people here are 2nd , 3rd generation and have become westernized in there dress and don’t have the clothing, others it may be beliefs . Could be a number of reasons . 

Ok to the shoot : 

Out of respect for Arfa and her family , I’m not going to reveal much of her personal information here . 

The meeting : 

I met Arfa , in Central Park . She was enjoying the day with her family and photoing . I don’t quite remember what started our conversation, but , we spoke about photography and my desires to photo the traditional style . Well to my surprise, she agreed to do a shoot . 

The photo shoot : 

Basically we decided to meet in a park in Jersey city to do simple but respectful style photos with her in traditional ( From India ) and religious wear. As well , some family photos . Now , I have to admit , we probably had more conversations then photos happening . It was a real pleasure to get to know her and her family . 

Religion : 

I thought to make this post about religions as well as the photos , but , I am not ready to delve into that subject ( some people will tell you that I can talk for hours about religion ) . I will say , I do not prejudice or look at people based on their beliefs , their clothing etc. Everyone has the right to live their life the way they chose, just as I chose to live my life how I want . 

Ok , to the photos : 


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