Ok , so now I have 2 more countries to add to my list (24 and 25) . Russia and Kenya are my latest countries photoed  . I did a photo shoot with Natali , who was born and raised in Russia and is now living in NYC . She’s a model I met in a small fashion show in the skyroom in NYC . ( my 7th model from these shows ) anyways , she a busy girl and to get the shoot in took some time . But we got it in . 

The shoot was in Chinatown / little Italy area of NYC , originally the thought was gritty alleyways . We did begin in an alley but ventured out just searching for areas that caught our eye. It’s really my favorite way of shooting , as your not locked into 1 spot . Gives you more looks and more backgrounds , 1 shoot turns into 3-4 . 

Below is my shoot with Natalie and a shot of Christine , from Kenya . 

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