Tap dancing in the park 

The other day I had did a photo shoot with 2 tap dancers from Japan . 1 living here at the moment , the other visiting .

Makiko has been in the city for about 7 yrs and is currently working / dancing in the NYC cotton club . Last month Makiko was scheduled to be in the Producers in Chicago , but due to problems with the venue , the show was cancelled and she returned to NYC .

Takako , is / was Makiko’s teacher in Japan . She has a studio in her hometown of Kumamoto where she continues to teach .

The shoot with Makiko was planned for a month or more , until she left for Chicago . She returned and asked if I was still interested and if she could bring a friend . After deciding where to go, it was concluded the night before that we would go to Central Park . Unfortunately for the shoot , it was a very bright sunny day . It’s a struggle to shoot in the brightness , especially when I forgot to bring a reflector to get rid of shadows . Causing bright brights and dark shadows .

Here are a few shots of the dancers : Makiko


And a shot from a friend of mine , me at work . Hahaha and after the shoot .


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