Around the world in a day 

I personally have 2 little personal side projects I’m working on as well as doing photoshoots .
1. Photoshoots with the person wearing traditional clothing from their home land .

2. Shooting people from 100 different countries , either randomly meeting or photoshoots .

1. China 2. South Korea 3. Argentina 4. Turkey
Sometimes with there flags , when I can . Sometimes without .

5. Hong Kong

6. Colombian

7. Japan

8. Trinidad

9. Italy

10. Kyrgyzstan

11. Netherlands

12. Mexico

14. Dominican Republic

15. Haiti

16. Venezuela

17. Philippines

18. Taiwan

19. Saint Lucia

20. France

21. Thailand

22. Brazil

23. South Africa


      1. He’s actually a fashion photographer friend of mine . He travels around the world shooting fashion shows . But when we are not busy we just hang out in Central Park . He and some other photographers .

      2. Yea , it was earlier in the summer , they were here for a dance competition in NYC . I thought it was pretty cool for them and they were so excited for the attention .

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