Rin Cosplay NYC 

Finally , a shoot with Rin . 

I met Sabrina back in March ? ( I think).  She was then doing a Cosplay photoshoot in Central Park with her photographer and they were nice enough to let me get a couple shots in . 

And well , we exchanged contact information etc that day and that was really the end of it at the time . Personally speaking though , I would’ve loved to have done a shoot with her at the time . But , I am really happy we didn’t . Yes , that may sound strange , but, looking back. I had never did a real shoot , I lacked confidence , and in the end it would have probably produced not so good work  . 

Fast forward about 5 months (though we had followed each other on Instagram from a distance since the original meeting)  we finally got back in contact with each other and at last I was confident and experienced enough to do a shoot with her . So I asked and she said yes . 

About the shoot : so we planned out this long day that would consist of 4-5 looks .( 2-3 regular looks and possibly 2 anime looks ) . But , as it goes we got off to a late start ,  it was raining , cloudy and dark . So our time was becoming limited . Lucky enough for us , we were stopped 1 time due to rain . But we would only have time for 1 character . The shoot was done in Dumbo park area of Brooklyn . 

About Rin ( Sabrina ) 

Sabrina is originally from Illinois and has been living in NYC for a few years now

Did you ever study in a university ? Yep! That’s the reason I came to NYC actually and I’ve stayed ever since 

Any long term goals you have set for yourself ? I would love to be able to commission designs I’ve made or create a geek-inspired clothing line on the side.

Are you interested in modeling ? I do cosplay, which is where I try to recreate a character from anime, manga, comics, video games, etc. and model them. I would love to continue to model my designs, but also branch into street wear.

So that’s a little info about Sabrina and our rainy day shoot . 

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