Back to Kyrgyzstan 

Just the other day , I had introduced you to Meergul from Kyrgyzstan. I wanted to add a few more photos and information about her that she had provided . 

As was looking through my photoshoots the other day , I noticed that I had shot models from  at least 15 different countries . If I add in the people in Central Park I have met and that have let me photo them , well , it’s probably better then 25 countries I have . My personal goal is to get shots of people from 100 different countries . Sometimes I can they will even add a flag to the shot . 

But , back to Meergul of Kyrgyzstan, here is a little snip provided by her . 

I am from Kyrgyzstan and I got my bachelor degree in my country as a Network Engineer, and when I came to New York City I went to New York City College of Technology then took Quality Assurance course to continue my career as IT specialist. I would like to be a Quality Assurance . In my spare time would love to be a modeling , modeling makes me happy love myself more . 

About the shoot . 

We had met previously as I was doing another shoot , we happened to be in the same place at the same time , her with her friend me with my model. She approached me asking if I was a pro photographer , I think I lied and said yes . But , she wanted to get together to do a shoot when she was back in town. Her thought was more of a fashion style , her green dress , in the photos below are a type of traditional dress in her country . 

So , we got together in Central Park and this is the result . I for one was pleased with our shoot as , she looked beautiful in her dresses . 


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