Let me introduce Tatis , from Colombia . She is currently leaving in USA and working as an au pair . Unfortunately for her , her time in the country is running out and she needs to go back home in 3 months . She was modeling in her country and has begun again here during her free time . 

Our shoot was a quick one as it was a hot day in the city and neither of us had eaten anything prior to our shoot . The theme behind the meet up was kind of general , we were going to meet in Dumbo park area of Brooklyn and just go from there , I would have the camera and she would have a few changes of clothes . So not much for themes as it was let’s get several shots with several looks and backgrounds . Well in the end we did 2 sets of clothes and a few different spots before hunger set in . 

Now , before I get to the photos . I’ve been asked , how do you find your models . Well in this case , we had been following each other in Instagram . I liked her look for my photos and just messaged her asking her if she would be interested in doing a shoot sometime and we went from there. 

Now to the photos : 

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