Cookie is a shoot I did yesterday , I’m on a stretch of 7 days 7 shoots . This is my last push to get my work out there . I am starting to get people (models) who are noticing my shots and wanting to shoot with me . So it seems the running around is starting to pay off . 

I’m rather unconventional in my shoots and so far the people I have worked with seem to not mind and maybe even enjoy it . Haha . Basically what I do is get a feel for the person and what backdrop may best suit them . Brooklyn , Chinatown , Central Park etc . Then we pick a meeting point and move on from there . If we see a spot we like , do some photos and move on . This helps to get different looks and backgrounds . I do hate to have 300 photos of same girl in same spot . So it’s usually an improvised photo shoot . 

That being said let me introduce to you , my recent model that I have shot before but here she is , and a little bio of her . As I will try to introduce the models to you . 

Your actual name? Cookie Felix

Your Age? 23
Hi, please tell us and the reader about yourself. I am originally from Trinidad. My family and I immigrated to New York when I was 4 years old. I am a vegetarian and animal lover. Animals are a very big part of my life. I love being around them and bonding. I currently have a male Cockatiel named Goofy Woofy Bear. I rescued little Goofy from a girl I knew from high school who used to neglect him and wanted to get rid of him so she can get another pet. I have showered him and all of my other birds that I have rescued with endless love and have given them a loving home. Besides that I enjoy traveling. I love going to different countries and experiences new cultures. My dream is to move to the UK or Europe. My hobbies are makeup, reading, watching Netflix, listening to music and slaying the game.

What made you decide to model? I have always wanted to be a model since I can remember. I tried pursuing it when I was a teenager but it went nowhere. The day after I had my braces removed I was in Central Park with my friends taking pictures and a group of photographers walked by. One of the photographers stopped and asked to take my pictures and I said yes. When I got them I loved them and decided to pursue modeling once more. 
Do you consider yourself more of a Print model or Runway model? I am more of a Print model mostly because it’s hard to get booked for Runway shows when you are 5’5″.
You do a lot of themed shooting, where do you draw your inspiration? I try and draw a lot of my inspiration from different eras just because I love experimenting with different hair, makeup, and clothing styles. I would also have to say super models I idolized as a child such as Helena Christensen, Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Elle Macpherson, Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, and Gia Carangi. They have left a huge impact on me by showing me what a real super model is in a world full of Instagram models.  
For those in the industry and the average reader, if they wanted to follow you or contact you for bookings, how would they follow/reach you?

Instagram:@iamcookiefelix, Twitter: @cookieanddaisy, Model Mayhem: #3766204


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