The Journey began 

I was given the idea by a few of you to do something that kind of follows my journey into the unknown . For those of you who don’t know what I am talking about , on October 6th of last year , I left my job with a company I had worked with for quite a few years . The reason for leaving ? To pursue my passion in photography and I guess what makes this significant is that , I did what many people want or think to do . A leap of faith . 

It wasn’t a difficult decision for me to make , I was miserable at the job , burnt out . The company I worked for HMS Host , was / is a pretty good company to work for . They run the rest stops , food courts in malls and airports . I’m not going to say anything bad about them , they always did right by me . But in the end I had nothing left to give to them . 

So as , at this point in my life , I only have myself to take care of (a dog and 3 snakes as well ) , I did it . It was a bit wreckless and crazy to do as I had no plan of what I would do with photography , I just knew how I felt with the camera in my hand . And unfortunately for other people who want to pursue a dream as I am , they are held back with commitments , families and priorities that don’t allow them this opportunity. I’ll end this part of the story by saying . The one thing I have learned from this , if you have the chance to do what I have done and chase your dream , it will be the greatest decision you ever make . I have never been happier . 

To be continued…. 

And this is me hard at work 😂 so now you know a little about me and can put a face with the name . But , their is a reason I stay behind the camera and not in front as you can see why 😜 


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