Shoot and fashion 

I have been thinking about one of the comments received from ” aya – travelingflaneuse ” she noticed I left my job in pursuit of photography and suggested that maybe I should write about my journey . So I think it’s a pretty good idea , I’m currently trying to get my thoughts together of where to begin . Do I start from today going forward ? do I go back to the beginning ? I don’t know . Maybe by the weekend I’ll have some idea what to do . If anyone has suggestions please feel free to let me know . 

In the meantime , I did a quick shoot with Carol who is so fun to work with . I believe this is our 4th shoot together and planning a bigger one on the 14th with my make up artist . 

Today’s shoot was a bit of a quick one , I got into the city late , and had plans on going to the skyroom and shooting a small fashion show . Well as Carol decided to tag along , we were able to get her a spot in the show . So here’s some of our shots from today and a few extras from others in the show . 


      1. I did not know that. If they keep blogs, these are the sort of people who could be your network, the sort who like “pearls,” like we talked about.

  1. Great to see you writing about your journey! Plenty of opportunities, and I love the idea about telling your models’ stories as well. I’m looking forward to reading more 🙂

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