Ok , so there are days that I’m not out shooting the birds in the park and on those days I’m usually doing a shoot . So at the moment , whatever comes out of my camera , I’ll post a bit of it here . So you will see parades , protest , nature , my photo shoots etc . At a time I was thinking what direction to take my blog , news items , fashion …. and I concluded it’s basically a blog that follows my photography , and this is how I shoot .. it’s many different subjects . 

What I will start to do is have a little bio on the people I shoot . But at this point I don’t have a bio for Cassandra . So I guess the bio thing starts later . I can tell you , Cassandra has been doing dance all her life and grew up in the northern New Jersey / New York City area . 

The shoot took place in Brooklyn near the Dumbo ( down under manhattan bridge overpass )  area . We were able to get a majority of the shots down in between the rain . But it was really raining for our last shots . 

Cassandra did recently suffer a leg injury , so we did not do as many jump shots that we would normally have done . I certainly didn’t want her to be hurt during our shoot . 

To view other shots I have taken feel free to follow at Instagram ” street_views ” 


      1. Your images inspire me. I just started a collaboration blog called Paint Poems that is about images inspiring words and vice verse. Take a look at it and see if you would be interested in having one of your images be featured alongside my poetry. You can respond via CONTACT link on the blog, if you would like to discuss details via email. No pressure, no rush. It’s just starting out and we only have a handful of followers.

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