Transgender / Military Protesting 

Below you will find photos I took during the protest of transgenfers being excluded , by Trump ,  in our military . 

I have my opinion on this whole ordeal , but , I will refrain from it . 

My only thought is this : 

Any person legally in the United States , who is both physically and mentally capable of serving in the United States military to defend my and your rights to freedoms , rights etc . Then they should be allowed to serve ! But as I said , it’s just my opinion so you Trump supporters before you bash me and tell me I’m wrong . I am allowed my opinion because many Americans , African-Americans, Hispinics , Christians , Muslims , Buddhist , Lesbians , Bi-sexual , Gays , Transgenders (and the list goes on )  have fought and defended my rights to this opinion and for you to have yours . 

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