Sunsets , Ballet and Hiroko 

Did a photo shoot with dancer , Hiroko . My goal was to do some silhouette shots at sunset , but the cloudy , rainy day seemed to try to spoil my shoot . But , suddenly , we got about a 15 minute break just before the rains came back . Here is what we were able to create : 


  1. Wonderful through to the end, everything in concert (dancer, dress, light, camera, photographer). The shoes at the end, to show you how much work and pain beauty takes to make.

    1. Thank you so much for for really seeing what I tried to create . I just love shooting her , unfortunately she’s going back to Japan , so I have to wait to shoot again .

      1. There’s clearly a story expressed. The middle ones (bend, stretch, soar) take my breath away.

      1. I had actually considered starting a magazine of my own , featuring my model shoots , and maybe a couple other subject matters . I’ll probably get into that a little more in my next post , as that’s kind of how I ended the last . It’s not difficult , I think but , I just don’t have the time alone and the writing . As well as I’m a little lazy about it .

      2. Well , I’m not sure it will happen . I’m just trying to decide if I have the time or the content to continue it . .. anyways .. when you going to start writing for me or when will I send photos to you 😂

      3. No , I don’t have deadlines here in wordpress , it’s just a place to try to show more of my work and now just following my little adventure into photography . Instagram is where I’m quicker about posting as that’s where I’m finding most of my models or connections .

      4. Look, I will be honest with you. I write poetry. That is my forte. I have not done any content writing , so I really don’t know if this will work for you .

      5. Probably correct , may be better for you to have a photo to go with a poem that you write , or using a photo of mine to inspire a poem

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