This is probably a ridiculous post . But , it something that perplexes me . As a photographer , I use several different places to post my photos . Instagram “street_views” , EyeEm “Streets” , Flickr “Steve Edreff” , Facebook “Steve Edreff” , 500px “SteveEdreff1” (feel free to add if using any of these apps ) . Anyways , I ran a very sophisticated high tech social media photography test . It began with this picture : 

The results of this test were astonishing ! 😉 I cleverly posted this photo on the 5 sites listed to unknowing participants . Their task , to hit the little heart or not . Well 253 out of 3,930 followers made the heart red ❤️. But , the number is actually worse then that because not all of the likes were by actual followers . So what does this study tell us . Well , nothing really , it’s just a mystery to me , why people in social media feel this need to follow 1,000’s of people without reason . Maybe it’s a social status ? Maybe the believe if they follow me I will follow back ? I really have no clue. 

What I did was post this photo on the 5 sites listed above . And just for accurate accounting I’ll list the followers I have and the “likes” for this exact photo at each . 

Instagram : 1083 / 171 

EyeEm : 1907 / 24 

Flickr : 178 / 16 

500px : 37 / 24 

Facebook : 725 / 18 

The people I follow , I actually follow and at least acknowledge their photos and in reality I would be happy with 1 follower that liked my photos over 1,000 people who don’t . 

To be honest , the number that probably bothers me the most would be Facebook , as these are the people that are “really ” your friends and if they can’t support you as they obsess over photos of coffee cups  , what people ate for dinner , what they are doing right now …. then well , that’s a little discouraging. 


Written by steveedreff

Steve Edreff is a photographer who is currently located in New Jersey and normally works out of New York City. Currently Steve has holds New York City Media pass as well as being a contributor to Getty Images and Istock. With the media pass Steve has been a photographer on hand for most parades and media events throughout NYC. The his preference is doing photoshoots with different style dancers , he also has photoed at New York Cities fashion week , photoshoots with Mrs. New Jersey, New York, Vermont , and Pennsylvania. Along with the photography , he has created an independent magazine "Street Views" that includes dancers and traditional style photography.

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