What to say 

Quiet days , yes , I’ve been quiet here for a few days . No words , no photos . I can’t say it’s from lack of photoing , I’ve been out , when it’s warm . I was also asked to do a photo shoot for an online fashion magazine ( unfortunately postponed ) this week .

But my photoing continues , a large collection of photos that I don’t know what I’m going to do with them . People , nature are my recent photos . I did finally catch the hawk, and some people photos that I may start adding here as I do the shots . But , now , begin with some hawk shots .


  1. Beautiful bird and beautiful shots. The squirrel hiding in the last shot – is that the same one shown being eaten in the previous shots? Must have been awesome to witness and the bird seems to be used to being observed.

    1. The hawk missed the squirrel in the hole . Which I was happy about . But he did get the squirrel from a hole that you see there . I believe the hawks here are used to it , as one time I was about 3 ft from him on a low tree branch and he just looked at me. These are shot in Central Park , NYC . Many people / birders chasing the birds .

      1. Sounds hectic. Amazing how the birds adapt and still get to catch their prey. Although not nice to witness the demise of a squirrel, I should think that the birds keeping the squirrel population in check is far better than any human intervention.

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