Muslim day 

Well as some of you may or may not know , yesterday was Muslim day here in NYC and I’m assuming other parts of the country as well . That being said I took the opportunity to photo the event , and now since this is my page I’m going to give my opinion .

1st I want to say that I’m a bit confused about the American people . I don’t want to take away from the moment of what was happening yesterday, but, my confusion is this .

1) It wasn’t long ago the “white” Americans would have people removed from flights because of the way they looked , the languages they spoke or because they pray in their way .

2) When Bush was our president , people rallied around the idea of these countries being the “axis of evil ” as he claimed . Muslims were harassed , beat up etc . Because of their beliefs .

3) When Trump mentioned his Muslim bans in his campaign he was not only cheered , but , voted into office with his idealogy’s .

The list of things go on . So my impression is we are a bunch of hypocrites. ( I’m saying “we” loosely ) . Personally I am not religious at all . My Muslim friends can attest to that . But they will also be the first to say that I’ve respected them and their beliefs . If you are religious, shouldn’t a person being a believer be enough ? Does it matter , if they read the Quran , Torah , Holy Bible ? Why should it matter to you how people believe or worship ? Call him Dios , Allah , HaShem , Krishna , Jehovah , God it’s all the same .

So , back to my confusion , are the people really rallying to support Muslims or just to stand against Trump? He clearly stated his intentions and was voted into office .

“So if somebody says that they didn’t know what was going on that was impossible whether they liked it or not , because he never made any secrets of what he was going to do to the Jews ” this quote from prisoner A26188 – Henia Bryer holocaust survivor. Does it sound familiar ? Trump didn’t hide his plans about muslims .

Here is my issue with my country , don’t get me wrong , I’m happy to be American many places I wouldn’t have the ability to write my opinion , but , sometimes the arrogance of the government disturbs me and one thing that sticks in my mind was said to me by a friend of mine , Muhammad (you know who you are ) but , he said to me . ” Imagine the Americans come into your house , kill your parents , brothers and sisters , how will you feel about this ? ” seeing it through those eyes it seems , we breed hatred toward us and now we close the doors to them.

Now , if you made it this far , I honestly didn’t vote . I could not choose the lesser of the 2 evils . I certainly didn’t want Hillary ! And I didn’t want Trump. That being said , I believe if Trump had a clue he could of really made a difference , a new type of government for the people . But he isn’t the guy for this . His only concerns are how many votes he has received , “fake” news and the apprentice ratings . I’m not sure he knows he one the election . Move on Donald !

And , you heard it here first ! Months from now , Trump will tell you this : ” Look at Muslim Day, see how I brought people’s and religions together ” believe me , if you know the ego of Donald Trump , he is going to take credit for this solidarity among the people .

Well , and I will never have the answers to my questions about the hypocrisy of the people , but let’s enjoy it while it’s here . The good of it all is that peoples eyes wide open and paying attention as they never have before . It’s an interesting time we are living in, and what comes will surely be historical.

Now I’m done ranting . I’ll just share more photos of the day !

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