While everyone seems to be recapping the past year , and the future year it makes me wonder . Yea, I spend to much time thinking about nothing . But if I know smoking is bad , why I’m I waiting till midnight tonight to quit ? Why will I start exercising tomorrow ? Will I save more spend less beginning January 1st  ? Oh everything will be so different tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow I will wake up and smell the roses . 

I know it’s tradition to do all the resolutions, get prepared for the new year . But, if you want something , why wait . Why not start fresh tomorrow even if it’s June 17th ? If your lucky , life gives you a tomorrow . But sooner or later you will run out of tomorrows . So why do we wait till January 1st to decide to live life to its fullest ? Ask yourself this . If it’s your last day , and you reflect back , would you be satisfied ? Would you have regrets ? 

Well that’s my view of New Years . No resolutions , just live my life as I always do . Wake up each day and do my best . 

And a 2016 year in review of photos , hmmm I don’t think I can pick a top 5 or 10 favorites . Some photos may not be good to the eye , but to me very meaningful . Others may be beautiful but nothing . So how to decide . I will just spin the gallery and where it stops 10 times will be what I post . Enjoy . 

My geishas in NYC photos . It was fun to see and photo . Hope to cross paths again someday . 

Lea , the Central Park ballet dancer, always a pleasure to photo . 

Unknown subject 
Sleeping beauty? 
Mr. Tony Iommi 

Miss Macau 
Tribal baroque 

Models waiting for there photographer 
Carlos Koenig 
The living painting 


Written by steveedreff

Updated: about me .

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