I’ve recently found myself interested in getting a hold of a press pass , I’ve found a few places online that you can join , some legit some just collecting your money . Also, I’ve an interest in obtaining a NYC press pass , but this is jumping through some hoops to get it . With New York and probably other cities , it becomes a plan, as you can’t just apply for it . You need to be a member of the media who has photoed 6 or more events in person ( emergency, spot or breaking news and/ or public events where police or fire lines or restrictions are established ) and then at least one or more photo article proving the person covered the event . So as you see in NYC , you have to be ahead of yourself to get this pass . 

Well, for me, as I decide which press pass is best for me. You may be wondering why a street photographer needs a press pass ? It’s simple in my mind, because being out in the streets you come across events or things you may not be able to get to with out it . Also during an example was , at a Black Sabbath concert my camera was confiscated, having the pass may have been helpful though not guaranteed . I also believe when photoing people in the streets having the pass would make that person as uneasy as they catch my camera pointed at them. 

That being said , here is my first entries to obtaining my NYC press pass. 

On December 22nd , after hearing the sirens and seeing about 10 fire trucks go passed me I went to see what was happening . ( I have to admit being in NYC and seeing all this is a very uneasy feeling , had no idea what I would be walking into) . This turned out to be an apartment building that was on fire. Thankfully this day everyone seemed to get out safely and the NYFD ‘s response saved the building and many homes . My best guess a few apartments were effected . 

I was able to get some photos at the scene , as close as we were allowed . 

As you can see at this scene, the press wasn’t getting any closer then me . 
The unsung heroes , ready to go to battle . 


Written by steveedreff

Updated: about me .

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