I am not sure what the term “street photography” or “street photographer ” really means or what is classified as a street photo . Do you need to be standing on the street ? Do you have to have a street in your photo ? Or do you just need to be outside ? Wouldn’t that be nature photography depending on what your photoing ? It’s very confusing . But, to this point I had been considered and consider myself a street photographer . Although now that it’s getting cold I’ve been out shooting animals . Ok let’s just say , I am a photographer . The best moments of my street photography have been when the person your trying to sneak shots of , happened to catch you and gives you a little smile or wave .

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Not everyone seems happy though .


Written by steveedreff

Steve Edreff is a photographer who is currently located in New Jersey and normally works out of New York City. Currently Steve has holds New York City Media pass as well as being a contributor to Getty Images and Istock. With the media pass Steve has been a photographer on hand for most parades and media events throughout NYC. The his preference is doing photoshoots with different style dancers , he also has photoed at New York Cities fashion week , photoshoots with Mrs. New Jersey, New York, Vermont , and Pennsylvania. Along with the photography , he has created an independent magazine "Street Views" that includes dancers and traditional style photography.


  1. You have a beautiful style of photography. I always figured Street Photography was synonymous with “photographs of people living life” and you’ve definitely done a wonderful job encapsulating that.

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