Shooting street photography is not something easy to do, but it’s my personal favorite . But, you almost need to see things before they happen . Where’s this person going to turn, how will it look. Many things running through your mind . Yes , I can find models and pose them just as I want them. Is that challenging ? I am going to shoot models, #Saturday I will be photoing for and with #kurdish of #Turkey as they fight for their rights against the government . All these things I will photo for my portfolio because , though today I am photoing the #people and #streets of #NYC tomorrow I will be photoing the streets and people of the world . No it’s not me dream it’s my #destination . Just as a quote says “so many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable , and then we summon the will they soon become inevitable” . 

Below is a few from my next photo day , raw 3 . As it got colder I was photoing a bit less on some days. 


Written by steveedreff

Updated: about me .

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