I can’t imagine a better feeling in photography then the feeling I have with street photography . The photos are not planned or posed , but you can capture a moment that will never happen again . It’s more to me then running around outside photoing buildings , people etc . It’s about capturing life , capturing feelings . Technically many photographers are better at taking quality photos . But, how many capture emotions , happy , sad , love . How many times I’ve viewed beautiful pictures and feel nothing. Also I’ve seen lesser quality photos that make me feel something . To me that’s the photography that is most rewarding . I know each person who lifts the camera does it for different reason , looking for different things . But for me, it doesn’t get better then this . My accident shot . Grabbed the camera in the middle of a shot . 

What do you feel when you see this smile .

Or this girl eating bubbles 
Sadness ?
Anguish – stress 
Feel the music 


Written by steveedreff

Steve Edreff is a photographer who is currently located in New Jersey and normally works out of New York City. Currently Steve has holds New York City Media pass as well as being a contributor to Getty Images and Istock. With the media pass Steve has been a photographer on hand for most parades and media events throughout NYC. The his preference is doing photoshoots with different style dancers , he also has photoed at New York Cities fashion week , photoshoots with Mrs. New Jersey, New York, Vermont , and Pennsylvania. Along with the photography , he has created an independent magazine "Street Views" that includes dancers and traditional style photography.

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